Jemma Pixie Hixon's Biography

On February 6th,1991, British singer/songwriter Jemma Pixie Hixon entered the world to make it her own. At the young age of two Jemma was copying complex dance routines on the TV and performing in her living room. Jemma began to sing from an early age and loved to perform at any given opportunity. Jemma’s music taste was diverse from a young age, listening to a wide variety of genres from Punk to Pop and bands and icons such as The Cure, The Smiths and The Clash.  "I love music and have a real passion for composing."
Jemma has been at the centre of a press frenzy since 2011, she has appeared on TV, radio stations and in papers and magazines all over the world from her own home regarding her music and illness, agoraphobia.
Jemma's success grew when her cover of "Alejandro" became the number one most viewed video in China.
Now with over 13 million views on YouTube alone, her own 2012 calendar and the release of her single "Never Let Go" written and recorded by the singer/songrwiter at home, Jemma has achieved more than most from her own bedroom.
Jemma began performing in public from a young age such as at charity concerts and at large events, including the premier fashion event in the UK "The Clothes Show Live."  Jemma has even performed for a wide array of celebrities at events like the celebrity charity event “Dine with the Darwins” for the Charles Darwin Galapagos Trust at Drapers Hall, London, in front of the Darwin family, Toyah Wilcox , Robert Powell, James Purefoy, Alison Steadman ,Susannah York, Cherie Lunghi , Anna Massey ,Sian Phillips and Michael Elwyn.
Jemma was just thirteen years old when she made her first major appearance on live television. Jemma entered a singing competition on the BBC, she competed against thousands to get to the live show and battled through several heats on live television to make it to the final heat. Jemma sang her way to triumph in the final of the competition on live television and gained the highest number of public votes to finally be crowned the winner of BBC1’s ‘The Saturday Show” singing competition.
While on stage Jemma was confident, strong and had an overwhelming stage presence, off stage it was a very different story. From a young age Jemma has battled with crippling anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia, over the years her health gradually worsened. Jemma has now been completely housebound for over 4 years. Jemma has had a wide range of therapies in her home.  Despite this Jemma carries on doing what she loves via the internet and has become and inspiration to many around the world.
 Jemma decided to create a YouTube account and she quickly became a YouTube success, with thousands of views and subscribers following Jemma’s videos. “I initially set up a YouTube account because I wanted to sing a variety of songs and share my videos with people online. My agoraphobia was getting increasingly worse and I was unable to perform on stage at this point in time. I had no idea so many people would watch my videos, I only expected a few friends and family members to watch them, so I was shocked when I started getting so many views and followers! It is such a great platform and gives me the oppertunity to sing to people all over the word. Youtube is a way in which I can perform to a huge number of people from my bedroom! When I sing I feel like a completely different person, almost as if I have an alter ego that kicks in and takes over. I seem to lose myself completely and forget about the things that I go through every day. For three minutes everyone is quiet and listening to me. The feeling of performing is unexplainable and as cheesy or cliché as it sounds, I know it is where I belong... on stage. ”
In 2011 Jemma's popularity increased as she became a sensation in China. Jemma's videos were uploaded by fans onto the Chinese site ,Youku. Jemma was contacted with news that her “Alejandro” video had become an overnight sensation in China and was the number 1 most viewed music video in China,  racking up over 1 million views overnight! Jemma has many videos on the Chinese site uploaded by fans. Jemma’s version of “Love The Way You Lie”  become a huge hit with over 5 and a half million views.
Since 2011, Jemma has appeared on TV (on the BBCMTV, Japan/Taiwan/Thailand news, Daybreak and more) on the Radio (such as Kerrang, Radio 5, Hereford and Worcs, The BBC World Service broadcasted to 188 million people in 28 different languages and radio stations all over the world) and in papers and magazines (such as Reveal magazine) all from her own home.

Jemma is currently reaching a wider audience and her popularity has risen in many countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Russia , America, Canada, Germany, France, Ukraine and many other countries around the world.

In 2012 Jemma released her very own calendar which went on sale wih a large calendar printing company "Global Calendars." Due to Jemmas agoraphobia, social phobia and other disorders, Jemma had to do everything for the calendar herself from her own bedroom! " I was unable to have a photographer in my home to take my calendar images because I get far too anxious having people in my home. I am also far too unconfident to have a photographer take photos of me! I did everything for my calendar myself except the editing. I came up with all of the individual concepts for each photo and month, I created the set designs, did all of the styling and prop design, the makeup and hair, the modelling and the photography. I had a mini studio set up in my bedroom consisting of my camera, a remote control, a tripod, some studio lighting and a backgrop. I had to press my remote control which activated my camera and I had 3 seconds to pose and dispose of the timer! It was not easy to do, especially when you are wearing roller skates or trying to create diverse poses."

In 2012 Jemma also released her debut single "Never Let Go" with lyrics and melody written and recorded by Jemma in her bedroom and music produced by Dj 5parks. The single went on sale with all of the major digital music download sites, such as Itunes, Amazon, HMV, 7digital and several other sites around the world. Jemma's single was the #1 fast mover on Amazon's UK Mp3 downloads.

Jemma is currently still making cover songs on YouTube, writing original music and working on her health.

“I am working on lots of my own material. I want to create music and lyrics with passion and meaning in a diverse range of genres, music that reflects me as a person. I want to thank everyone that has supported me throughout the years, it really means a lot to me. I wouldn’t be where I am now without all of the lovely people who watch my videos and take the time to follow me and comment. I hope that one day I can perform on stage again.”

As well as being a singer, Jemma loves being creative in many other ways, through photography, writing, makeup, art/illustration, fashion/styling and vlogging/blogging. Jemma has set up a second YouTube channel for makeup/fashion/vlogs etc at


Since posting her videos online, she has had over 13 million views on YouTube and millions more on other sites around the world. 
In 2011 Jemma’s online success increased as her videos were uploaded by fans onto the Chinese site ,Youku. Jemma was contacted with news that her “Alejandro” video had become an overnight sensation in China and was the number 1 most viewed music video in China,  racking up over 1 million views overnight! Jemma has many videos on the Chinese site uploaded by fans. Jemma’s version of “Love The Way You Lie